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Kumki 16 BIT FLAC Songs

Kumki 16 BIT FLAC Songs

    Track Lists

    1. A Lady & The Vionlin
    Singers: Aditi Paul & Karthik (Violin)

    2. Ayayayo Aananthamey
    Singers: Karaoke Track

    3. Ayayayo Aananthamey II
    Singers: Haricharan

    4. Nee Yeppo Pulla
    Singers: Alphons Joseph

    5. Onnum Puriyala
    Singers: Karaoke Track

    6. Onnum Puriyala II
    Singers: D.Imman

    7. Soi Soi
    Singers: Magizhini Manimaaran

    8. Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala
    Singers: Karaoke Track

    9. Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala II
    Singers: K.J.Ranjith & Shreya Ghoshal

    10. Yella Oorum
    Singers: Benny Dayal & D.Imman

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