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House Owner (2019)

House Owner (2019)

    ~! Album Details !~

    Album Name: House Owner (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Composer: Mohamaad Ghibran Ghibran
    Total Tracks: 3
    Language: Tamil
    Copyright – Trend Music
    File Format: flac
    File Size: 78.90 MB

    ~! Track List !~

    1. Neeyagave
    Singers: Chinmayi Sripaada, Sathya Prakash
    Lyricist: Anuradha S.N.

    2. Nayaname Nayaname
    Singers: Sathya Prakash
    Lyricist: Madan Karky

    3. Saayamal Saaigindra
    Singers: Benny Dayal
    Lyricist: Madan Karky

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