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Pisasu (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

Pisasu (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

    Track Lists:

    1 Pogum Paadhai
    Uthra Unnikrishnan

    2 Bhavani’s Death (Instrumental)

    3 Sid’s Disturbed Recording (Instrumental)

    4 Sid’s Mental Turmoil (Instrumental)

    5 Sid Trying to Move (Instrumental)

    6 Sid Recollects Bhavani (Instrumental)

    7 Disturbed Sid (Instrumental)

    8 Aavi Amala the Psychie (Instrumental)

    9 Bhavani Enters Sid’s House (Instrumental)

    10 Bhavani Attacks Angry Huband (Instrumental)

    11 Sid’s Mom in Trouble (Instrumental)

    12 Sid’s Mom Hospitalised (Instrumental)

    13 Sid Starts Searching for Bhavani’s Dad (Instrumental)

    14 Priests at Sid’s House (Instrumental)

    15 Dad’s Limitless Love for Bhavani (Instrumental)

    16 Bhavani’s Limitless Love for Dad (Instrumental)

    17 Sid Apologises to Bhavani’s Dad (Instrumental)

    18 Sid Starts Chasing the Killer (Instrumental)

    19 The Accident (Instrumental)

    20 The Guilt (Instrumental)

    21 Frozen Body of Bhavani (Instrumental)

    22 End Credits (Instrumental)

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