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Ratsasan (Original Background Score) FLAC Songs

Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul, Radha Ravi, Munishkanth

Ratsasan (Original Background Score) FLAC Songs

    Track Lists:

    1 Ratsasan Theme

    2 The Flies On A Dead Body

    3 Ratsasan Piano Theme

    4 Playing The Pain

    5 Teacher Kanagaraj

    6 Psychopath

    7 Dont Look Back

    8 Eyes On

    9 Show Some Light

    10 Stay On The Track

    11 Chasing The Trail

    12 Tears In Dark

    13 The Melancholy Hero

    14 Prelude To Christopher

    15 Watch Your Back

    16 Clue Is On The Path

    17 Beat In The Dark

    18 Trial The Trail

    19 Dark Is The Key

    20 This Ends Now

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