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Seemaraja (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

Seemaraja (Original Background Score)
Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha Akkineni

Seemaraja (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

    Track Lists:

    1 Seemaraja Titles

    2 Raja In Action

    3 Kathaadi Kanna

    4 The Villainous Kaleeswary

    5 Trending Raja

    6 School Headmaster

    7 Suthanthira Selvi’s Entry

    8 Identity Revealing Before Selvi

    9 Silambattam Selvi

    10 Love Arrow

    11 Suthanthira Selvi Needs Rescue

    12 Ramar Avatar

    13 Motivation

    14 Love In Despair

    15 Love In The Air

    16 Deserted Child

    17 Raja Meets Selvi

    18 Life Takes A Wrong Turn

    19 Introducing The Majestic King

    20 Kadambavel Raja Theme

    21 Grandeur Palace And The Beautiful Queen

    22 Warfield

    23 Bravery Wins

    24 Kotravane-Demise Of Kadambavel Raja

    25 Selvi Gives Back To Kaleeswary

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