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Theri (Original Background Score) FLAC Tracks

Theri (Original Background Score) FLAC Tracks
Vijay, Samantha Akkineni, Amy Jackson

Theri (Original Background Score) FLAC Tracks

    Track Lists:

    1 Avan Bayapadala

    2 Baby Hospital

    3 Baby (Theme Piano)

    4 Baby (Theme Voices)
    5 Baby’s Case

    6 Baby’s School

    7 Bridge Scene

    8 Bus Love

    9 Bus Love 2

    10 Family Meet at Restaurant

    11 First Time Ever

    12 I Love You Solli Irukingala Boss

    13 Intermission

    14 Kalyanam Aidicha

    15 Marriage Proposal

    16 Missing Girl Investigation

    17 Mithra Promise

    18 Rain Chase

    19 Transformation

    20 Unnale (Love Theme)

    21 Vijay Kumar

    22 Vijay Kumar Returns

    23 Villian Shoot

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