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Vikram Vedha (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

Vikram Vedha (Original Background Score) FLAC Album

    Track Lists:

    1 Vedha’s Swag

    2 Vikram’s Angst

    3 The Pursuit

    4 The Sorrow of Simon

    5 Vikram vs Vedha

    6 Bygones

    7 Vikram Deciphers

    8 The Divide

    9 Vedha’s Angst

    10 Vikram + Vedha

    11 Yethu Dharmam
    Chennai Orchestra

    12 Ghetto Chase
    Meghavarshini, Avantika, Monisha, Chennai Orchestra

    13 Idhu Emosion
    Chennai Orchestra

    14 Yethu Nyayam
    Sam C.S., Chennai Orchestra

    15 Sangu Sattham
    Sethu Thankachan, Kannan M, Ravikumar

    16 Oru Katha Sollatta
    Sam C.S., Sethu Thankachan, Kannan M

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