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Yuvvh (2012) FLAC Songs

Yuvvh (2012) FLAC Songs


    Track Lists:

    1 Padmanabha Paahi
    Sreejith – Saachin, Anjali Muralidharan

    2 Nenjodu Cherthu
    Aalaap Raju, Sreejith – Saachin

    3 Venchaayam Vinnil
    Ouseppachan, Sreejith – Saachin

    4 Piriyumen Shishiram
    Sreejith – Saachin, Swapna Abraham

    5 Tu Hi Rang Rangeeli
    Job Kurian, Sreejith – Saachin

    6 She’s an Indian Girl
    Job Kurian, Sreejith – Saachin, Sreejith Edavana, Priya Himesh

    7 I can feel it (Reprise)
    Sreejith – Saachin, Sreejith Edavana

    8 Koduvalli
    Saachin Raj Chelory, Sreejith – Saachin

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